Special offer for Landlords Only

I (Julie) am a fellow “absentee owner” and I know how tough it can be keeping an eye on a property from a distance.

Tenant Concerns

If you’re like me, concerns about tenants destroying your property due to general neglect, not reporting water leaks, and having unauthorized pets can keep you up at night.

We Buy Houses As Is
Cat we found during a PCA in a property with a “NO PETS” policy (we also found her kittens in another room!)

Vacant Property

Or, if your property happens to have been sitting vacant for months, the fear of vandalism and break-ins is always looming in the back of your mind.

We Buy Houses Any Condition Marietta
Vacant Property with vegetation growth out of control – the back was a jungle!

Let Us Help!

As a service to property owners like you, Sycamore House Buyers is currently offering a free Property Condition Assessment (PCA) to property owners in the Metro Atlanta area.

At your request, we’ll come out to your property and take exterior and interior videos and photos and provide a summary of the condition of your property at no charge to you.  You’ll receive your PCA report by email within 48-72 hours of the property condition assessment.

If you’ve been wanting to get “eyes” on your property, but you live too far away or simply haven’t had time, give us a call today at 770-214-4940 to schedule your FREE Property Condition Assessment!