Sycamore and No Hungry Children

IN JULY 2018, SYCAMORE HOUSE BUYERS announced its partnership with No Hungry Children (NHC), a non-profit organization founded by Sycamore co-founder Brandon Smith.

Humbled by how God has blessed our business since its inception in August 2017, we (Brandon and Julie), felt a strong desire to honor God through our business by giving back to Him, and No Hungry Children was the obvious choice.

Since the formation of this partnership, Sycamore has donated $500 for every house that we purchase to No Hungry Children. Incredibly, this $500 feeds 100 children 2 meals/day for an entire month!!

The NHC Mission

“No Hungry Children’s mission is to impact the lives of Children for the glory of God by sharing the love of Jesus Christ through feeding them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

With nourishment of the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit comes a brighter hope for the future, as the life expectancy of these children will rise with a regular diet. Our hope is that these children will have greater opportunity to exit the slums with a well-rounded primary education.

Most importantly, our aim is to present the Good News of Jesus to these children. And our expectation is that in His hands, they find the greatest hope and satisfaction.”

How You Can Help

The first time I (Julie) saw photos and videos of these precious children at my church, I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of this ministry.

What I was shocked to learn is that even a $5 monthly donation matters…  that $5 allows one child to eat for an entire month, 2 meals a day 5 days a week while attending school!

If you’re as moved as I was, you can give now by following this link … and when you checkout, if you type “Sycamore House Buyers” in the Optional Notes, Sycamore will add a $5/month recurring donation as our thank you!

Thank you, and God Bless!